Alnes Rorbuferie

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Welcome to Alnes

Alnes is a picturesque fishing hamlet just outside Ålesund on Norway’s western coast with 200 inhabitants.

We have two well- equipped quay-side cabins for rent. Your front-door neighbour is the Atlantic Ocean, and behind you have the rugged, Viking landscape that only Norway can offer.

This means you can choose between an action-packed holiday, where you exploit the opportunities that the district has to offer, or you can just relax, re-load your batteries and leave the world behind.

Interested? Read on and see what we have to offer.

Asbjørg and Inge Westad are your hosts and would like to make your stay in Alnes a memorable one.


Alnes Rorbuferie
Alnes, 6055 Godøya

Mobile phone 

+47 41 65 59 06



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